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(17) 2284-9396 http://Www.Sociowiki.eu/index.php?title=Steven_Holl_Biography
American architect and theoretician Steven Holl (1947) is one of the best-known and most influential architects of the contemporary age thanks to his jobs built mainly in New York and in the Orient (China, Japan, South Korea).
After graduating from Seattle University and studying in London and Rome, he opened Steven Holl Architects in New York City in 1976.
In his large production Holl synthesises "philosophical thinking and design approaches" in research which is at the very same time "experience and criticism" (Heck-Chiarone).
In his important essay Anchoring (1989 ), Holl specifies the "dialectic relationships" in between structures and locations: clear examples include his New York tasks of the eighties, which brought his studio fame and acknowledgment.
His Pool House in New York (1981) and in the Museum of Modern Art Apartment (1986) expose the buildings' historical and geographic aspects; his showroom for the Pace Collection (1986) plainly exposes the poetics of the De Stjil motion. His workplaces for D.E. Shaw & Co (1992) and high effect fa├žade for the Storefront for Art and Architecture (1993) are also worthy of note.
His tasks in Europe include the highly speculative Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum of Fine Arts in Helsinki.
Holl has actually designed many essential single-family houses (Berkowitz-Odgis House, Stretto House) and housing complexes, including several in Japan: the Void Space in Fukuoka (1991 ), in which Holl highlights the "space" of Buddhist cosmology, and the 190 Makuhari Bay units in Chiba (1996 ).
His current jobs in China have had a fantastic social impact: the Culture and Art Center in Qingdao City and the Ecocity Ecology-Planning Museums in the nation's very first eco-friendly city (Tianjin Eco City).

culture and art center of qingdao city

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